EDF is testing a particularly original service thanks to Marseille-based start-up KeeeX . The energy supplier is testing KeeeX’s electronic signature solution to ensure the authenticity of its press releases.

Counter False Reports

Presented like that, such an innovation could seem to concern only a microcosm of journalists and communication officers. Except that the scam to the fraudulent statement has become a real danger, as evidenced by the story occurred at Vinci in November 2016 shows. A priori hacked, as reported by France Info among others, the construction giant had sent a press release announcing uppercase accounting errors. The Vinci’s stock had then collapsed by 18% on the spot market.

Except that, after a too late quick check by press outlets, the release in question turned out to be a fake. The stock price was then suspended but the damage had already been done.

A Self-Signed Signature

What EDF is testing with KeeeX is a system to ensure that a press release is a genuine EDF press release. On the media side, no complex manipulation is to be performed: just drag the document into a dedicated space (on medias.edf.com) to check immediately if it is a genuine EDF document.

What’s interesting with KeeeX technology is that it is self-supported by files. A security key is not necessary to carry out the verification, handled entirely locally.

To ensure the authenticity of these releases, KeeeX is using the blockchain. It embeds into the file unmodifiable proofs, allowing to guarantee « the integrity of the file and its date of publication on the register ».

A First Test

At this point, the energy supplier is talking about experimentation. At KeeeX, they want above all to ensure that everyone, EDF and non-EDF, can handle the various interfaces without difficulty.

A conclusive test would open real prospects for the Marseille start-up, which hopes for example to be able to certify the entire financial communication of the group. Or maybe to create a consumer-edition of its service, like this test of an EDF’s individual invoice certified by KeeeX.

[Version française: Oui, ceci est bien un document authentique]

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