Coincidentally, three of the start-ups present last week at the Tech Show in Aix will be exhibiting at CES in Las Vegas in early January, to showcase their 3D innovations, which are likely to make some noise. Imagine what could be a 3D animation coming out of the screen, configurable in several billion options, all controlled with the feet.

Relief Without Glasses

The relief image that comes out of a screen has been generated by VisioPM . This Toulouse start-up, recently relocated in the South-East of France, tries to enter mass market with lenticular screens. This not necessarily new technology allows to create a relief effect without the glasses provided at a movie theater. And it works, it is difficult to pass in front of a VisioPM screen without taking a look at these objects jumping to your eyes.

The screen is only the visible part of the solution. The start-up has developed all the tools to realize, broadcast and program 3D visuals. They are stored in a central server, to which are connected the 3D boxes linked to screens. To create images, if the client does not have a Maya / Solidwork / CATIA file, VisioPM has designed its own camera, with 7 optics.

In Las Vegas, it will also be possible to manipulate 3D objects by hand, thanks to detectors placed near the screens.

A New 3D Web

Another local 3D start-up heading to Nevada, Exalt3D , aims to create a « new standard of 3D Web ». This start-up created by three 3D engineers has developed a graphical engine configurable at will, useable via the cloud. Whether it is a ring or an apartment, the customer only has to upload his 3D file and dress it with the options of his choice. He then gets a player readable without plugin on his desktop and mobile website.

For now, these manipulations still require the intervention of the start-up but Exalt3D wants to quickly switch to « the full automatic way ». Their solution makes rapid developments possible: in 5 months, the company has designed for an e-commerce site with no 3D models a costume configurator proposing a trillion configurations!

Without Hands

In just 3 years, 3DRudder has managed to be considered as a reference player in the gaming peripherals for virtual reality market. A small market today that could quickly become huge because of big names’ appetite for VR.

The 3DRudder is a big disk connected to a PC (and tomorrow to a console), positioned under the feet. It allows you to move into a world of virtual reality just by tilting your feet, going back and forth, left to right, up and down and more.

At no time are the arms stressed. Which is the basic idea of ​​the 3DRudder. The device was indeed imagined by an architect who would have liked to work his plans with his hands free. Even if the start-up is now focusing on the videogame market, it does not forget its pro origins. The 3DRudder should soon be compatible with Solidworks, allowing to manipulate 3D objects with the feet.

[Version française: Tech Show / La 3D dans tous ses états]

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