The abandoned cart is a key missed opportunity for an e-merchant, the virtual purchase that should be transformed. It is in this niche that ShopiMind, a Marseille start-up that now has 400 customers and is planning a number of changes for 2018, has launched in 2013.

What the company offers are pre-packaged campaigns for e-merchants. Designed for customers using the market’s major tools, such as Magento or Prestashop, they allow a small or medium structure to offer well-targeted email reminders. And with a minimum of effort through 11 campaigns that can be activated and segmented at will.

Courtesy of ShopiMind

Data Synchronization

One of the peculiarities of the start-up’s solution is to synchronize the data of its customers. « We get all the information » explained Jean-Sebastien Couvert, the president and founder of the company. « From these data, we produce the behavioral analysis, we do email cross-selling [an automatic email offering an additional service once a product has been sold, note]. Initially, I was not on the idea of ​​synchronization but there was a real customer demand. It also cleans the database by reformatting the phone numbers, removing the bounces from the mailing, …  » All of that being achieved the safest possible way, both to ensure ShopiMind customers that their data won’t circulate anywhere and that regulatory requirements such as GDPR are met.

30 Million Unique Visitors

Volumes are high. In December, ShopiMind customers managed a total of 69 million page views for 30 million unique visitors. This is also a real challenge: « if a customer sends a million emails, and each must be personalized based on a behavioral analysis, we must go on very short response times otherwise sending the whole mailing campaign would be too long « .

Even though it is a small company, of 5 people for the moment, ShopiMind has in mind many evolutions. The company will offer display on its customers’ site. And, big change for a structure specialized in pre-packaged formats, it will offer in the course of the year blank campaigns, for which the customer will be able to customize his workflow at will. Other rather interesting  innovations are in the pipes, of which I will surely have the opportunity to talk to you again.

[French version: ShopiMind soigne son retour de panier]


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