« The independent restaurant owner offers more or less the same offer as 30 or 40 years ago, at the time of his parents or grandparents. While in parallel the customer’s expectations have evolved, he wants everything to go faster, he wants to be rewarded, …  »

Sunday 28th opens in Marseille Food In Sud, a trade fair for catering and hotels. The perfect opportunity to discuss with some local FoodTech start-ups, ready to transform a world that sometimes struggles with digital. We start this Monday with Aix-based Waps.

Connecting and Automating a Restaurant

This company created in 2015 offers a solution that allows to connect and automate a large part of the activities of a restaurant, from order tracking to customer communication through the management of deliveries and loyalty. With a fairly simple goal explained me Ronan Paul, the director of development of the company: allow a profession particularly stingy in free time to offer time-consuming services, such as fidelity management.

We have all been using loyalty programs offered by some places with a tampon and a dish offered after 10 buys. An unattractive program for the client, who does not always have the card with him, and even less for the restaurant owner, since this program does not tell him anything about his customers.

With Waps, whether the dish is served in the dining room, to take away or to deliver, the customer will always be offered loyalty points. The restaurant owner will also be able to set up the rules for acquiring points, by defining an average basket. It will also be able to choose which products yield the most points, and thus guide the choices of its customers. And if the customer does not have time to create an account with the purchase, a code at the bottom of his receipt will allow him to do it later.

Mailing and Menus

« Our solution deals with all the activity of a restaurant, » explained Ronan Paul. « With this database of contacts, I can for example decide to send an email campaign to all my clients who have not come for a year, via the same  tool. And I can also communicate to them the menu of the day realized with our digital slate. What restaurant owner would have the time today to use Mailchimp for his emails, ZenChef for his menus, …?  »

It is thus a real dashboard that proposes Waps. Some restaurant owners would use it to award bonuses to their teams, according to predefined and real-time monitored objectives.. As for the future, the company regularly works on new modules. It has recently proposed a dynamic display system, making it possible to make visible in the shop window the menu created via the tool.

[Version française: Waps trouve le temps de connecter les restaurants]

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