You may have experienced the situation at the beginning of this year: because you took a menu slightly different from the one initially ordered, the restaurant owner struggles with his cash register,  trying to harmonize the two before giving up and going for a commercial gesture. Since 1 January, the finance law requires merchants to use a certified cash register system, which secures and archives the recorded data, and traces the unforeseen manipulations. Created to fight against tax fraud, this new law is also a great opportunity for companies wanting to modernize the cash register of yesteryear.

This is the case of Olivier Bouvet, owner of Clea Network and creator of Klikx. Entrepreneur since he is 20, he first got 15 years of experience in the distribution of computer equipment for merchants. Two years ago, he then created his own certified cash register software, which is presented as particularly simple to use and will be exhibited starting Sunday at the Food In Sud tradeshow.

A Local Mini-Server

A Klikx particularity is to be backed by a local mini-server. « It can be stowed everywhere and has its own private WiFi, which connects the restaurant’s equipment. This avoids having wires everywhere and depending on the random WiFi of an ISP. It will also allow the merchant to benefit from real-time remote access to his data « . Hence the name « remote data vault », as all the information is being encrypted. The whole set (tablet, printer, cash register and server) is sold less than 1,000 euros, to which must be added the monthly rental of the software.

All of this benefits from the certification, which played a decisive role in the project’s creation. « The certification was complicated to obtain but it was extremely constructive. The AFNOR [France’s standards authority] teams have accompanied us all along, including validating the specifications « .

Today, 350 customers use Klikx and, given the situation described at the beginning of the article, this number could quickly increase.

[Version française: Klikx, la caisse connectée à son mini-serveur]

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