A particularly innovative place should open its doors in Chateau-Gombert’s technology park , without being connected to the digital world. The latest discovery from Marseille Innovation, Le Présage aims, in the words of Pierre-André Aubert, its founder, to create no less than an « innovative and regenerative food system ». A way to experience in Chateau-Gombert the notion of « edible territory », one of today’s beautiful utopias.
Le Presage started as a solar restaurant. This ephemeral installation, based in Aubagne in 2017, tested the economic and technological viability of the kitchen stove specifically developed by the company, backed by a huge parabolic mirror acting as a solar collector. « The innovation does not lie only in the solar collector, there is also an innovation of assembly, by making cohabit good water management, use of biogas, … We put them together with only one goal in mind , give good time to the people who come.

An Edible Landscaped Garden Project

The Chateau-Gombert restaurant will also a part of a larger edible landscaped garden project with a true dimension of soil regeneration, based on permaculture. Its installation in the heart of the technopole is not by chance. First because the place suffers from a real deficit of good restaurants. But also and perhaps especially because Le Présage has a great potential for innovation. « We would like to set up real interactions with researchers and entrepreneurs nearby, become a place of data production. We will also get in touch with other Marseille Innovation start-ups, for example those working on new solar coatings « .
The next step for Le Présage will be the financing, based among other things on a crowdfunding campaign. If all goes well, it is in the summer of 2019 that we can take advantage of this very particular and innovative place.

[Version française: L’éco-innovation comestible du Présage s’installe à Chateau-Gombert]

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