50,000 euros in rewards, products and services offered by partners, with between 800 and 1,000 people on site. Among the many pitch competitions held in the Aix Marseille Provence metropolis, Le Phare stands out.

It’s even a small institution that Lesley Razan, the President of ACCEDE, introduced to me. Le Phare is managed by this student association from KEDGE, specialized in business creation, and in place for 21 years. The competition will be held this year for the twentieth time.

Five Categories

« It will take place on April 11 at Parc Chanot. The pitch competition will be divided into five categories: start-ups, innovation, PACA, CSR and the public’s prize. All that is asked of the participants is that their company has been created, and fill out a questionnaire. Each winner will gain 10,000 euros of rewards and will also benefit from services provided by our partners, for example legal aid « .

The 2017 edition had rewarded MonGrillon, an eco-friendly project producing industrial flour made from crickets that has since launched its online store last December.

The public’s prize is a peculiarity of Le Phare. ACCEDE intends to make it an event accessible to all, not just only a competition. Workshops around business creation are planned, as well as lectures in TedX mode. Enough to attract those interested in entrepreneurship and achieve the goal of bringing a thousand people to Parc Chanot.

[Version française: Le Phare veut orienter les entrepreneurs]


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