« I created Synertic in 2010, to develop mobile applications, all done in project mode. As of today, more than 140 have been designed. We noticed that we were solicited by prospects whose specifications were well defined but who did not have the necessary budgets. So we decided to develop a platform allowing to create an application in a few clicks and to manage it without programming knowledge”. This platform is Shapper, the latest creation of Bruno Doucende, Synertic’s boss.

The niche of simplified app creation has become a highly competitive industry, as evidenced by the number of exhibitors offering such services at the Mobile World Congress. Synertic, which will have its own stand in Barcelona, ​​has made some choices to distinguish itself.

Mandatory Support

First of all, to offer a mandatory support. « You can’t use Shapper directly from our website. Should we do things differently, after three months a lot of our users would stop because they would not have seen the value of a mobile application, which is a great tool to engage and retain. Let’s take the push as an example. What we tell our customers is to not use push like a mailing list. A mobile user only needs one click to stop receiving notifications from an app, and from that moment you have lost him. While, with Shapper, your push can be based on profiles, according to criteria you have defined.  »

Another peculiarity of the tool is to integrate well with business processes, allowing the generation of business applications. A subcontractor company of car rental companies has developed with Shapper an application allowing its employees to make a detailed report of their activities (cleaning, conveying, full, …) via a form and taking some photos. Each step can also be geolocated thanks to the smartphone. The information collected will also be available to rental companies via the same application.

Shapper (crédits Synertic)
Shapper (crédits Synertic)

New Custom Forms

Launched in early 2017, Shapper has already undergone several changes. « We capitalize on our clients’ feedback. A good example is our custom forms. Our clients asked us for conditional fields, triggering an action depending on the response, such as sending an email « .

At the Mobile World Congress, Synertic will seek to expand its “white label” business, finding global partners (its back office is already available in French, English and Italian). The company gives the possibility to distributors to use Shapper with their customers, allowing them to offer applications without having the means to achieve them themselves.

[Version française: Shapper prend les créateurs d’apps mobiles par la main]


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