It makes complete sens, when it comes to offering an e-commerce solution to local shops, to have it designed by local merchants. While working on articles for Gomet ‘about a partnership between the French Tech Aix Marseille and a local trade federation, I had the opportunity to discover Citydrive, a unique original shopping cart service.
« I am a shopkeeper, I have a butcher shop in Venelles, » explains Mikaël Rizzo, the creator of the company. « Citydrive allows an individual to create a unique online shopping cart for all the purchases he wants to make in an area or a shopping street, and pay all of them at one time. With our tool, merchants will be able to have an online store allowing them to be part of this unique shopping cart.”
At this stage of its development, the start-up manages the entire online deployment for merchants. Citydrive has created a vast database of visuals allowing it to easily display a catalog of products, which it will continue to feed (next goal: fruits and vegetables). What Mikaël Rizzo advises his customers is to put at least 80% of their products online. On the billing side, Citydrive works on commission, without subscription or fees.

No Order Over the Phone

The system already brings first benefits. « In my store, I have almost no orders over the phone, which was one of my goals, they take a considerable time. We are also now able to reach customers who finish late. To close the butchery at 19:30, some machines must be dismantled before, therefore after a certain time, some products are no longer available. With paid orders, this problem no longer exists. »
Created in November 2016, Citydrive has faced many challenges. In the first place with multi-store payment management, automatically distributing the right payment to the right merchant representing a real complexity. This does not prevent the Venelles start-up to have great ambitions. At the end of the year, Citydrive plans to equip 200 stores and hopes next to quickly reach its break-even point, estimated at around 340 connected stores.

[Version française: Citydrive, un panier unique pour les commerçants du coin]

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