Like Wyplay, Neotion is one of these local players in the world of pay television, discreet in the metropolis and world leader in its vast niche market with advanced technology. Exhibiting for the second time at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Aubagne company shows in Barcelona not only its latest innovations for small screens but also their extension to the IoT world.

Neotion‘s flagship product is CAM, a PCMCIA format digital TV access control module. « It’s a mini-decoder that can be inserted directly into digital TVs, the equivalent of a set-top box but without the box » explains Nathalie Bresson, the marketing director of the company. Particularity of Neotion: everything is done in France, from the design of the hardware to the manufacturing of the product, repatriated to Bordeaux three years ago.

From Broadcast to IP

At the MWC, it is the OTT Gateway, a new TV solution, that the company puts forward. « The digital TV market is changing, from broadcast to IP. Our OTT Gateway makes it possible to push channels available on an IP infrastructure via satellite, and to address 50 equipment simultaneously, with broadcast quality, not depending on a public network. We target public or semi-public operators in which the 3G or the fixed network does not or badly reach the subscriber, much like the hotels that were displaying Canal + ready « . An issue that does not really concern France, a country with a strong network coverage, but rather Russia, South America, Africa, …
And the IoT in all this? To be able to offer its pay-TV tools, Neotion has developed expertise in the development of secure solutions, which are crucial in a sector that is not joking with content protection.

« We are not positioning ourselves on big data, nor on sensors, but on securing the deployment. If you are making decision support with data collected in the field, you have to make sure that this data is reliable. You must be able to easily perform updates. You must also be able to guarantee that this data will only be usable with a certain hardware « . Such a set, where software, data and hardware depend on each other, is common in the world of digital contents and their DRMs but much less common in the Internet of Things.


IoT and AI

Recently launched, Neotion’s IoT offer is yet at the POC state. This does not prevent the company from already seeing further. It has partnered with Tellmeplus, a French company that has developed a predictive IoT offer based on machine learning. Secure data from its conception, derived from connected objects and developed for artificial intelligence, it is a beautiful technological program that promises Neotion.

[Version française: Neotion met la TV payante au service de l’Internet des objets]

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