In a domain where startups abound, few companies can display more than ten years of experience in B2B connected objects. It is therefore not a coincidence that, when we call Newsteo to talk about their news, we quickly find ourselves talking about certification and quality, crucial but uncommon terms in the IoT world.

Based in La Ciotat, Newsteo has been in existence since 2005. One of the peculiarities of the company is that it does not produce connected sensors but turn existing sensors into connected objects. With applications in monitoring, control and traceability, ranging from monitoring the cold chain to measuring cracks for structures.

« The services we are offering is how we distinguish ourselves. For example, when it comes to interfacing, we can connect temperature monitoring sensors to the customer’s on-board computer, « explains Arielle Cogniat, the company’s marketing director. « We can host the measurements, alert if the threshold is exceeded, certify and calibrate the sensors, … ».

In terms of network technology, Newsteo favors GPRS as the currently popular LoRa and Sigfox aren’t effective for mobility settings starting at 30 km / h.

A Labeled Metrology Lab

The big news is the upcoming development of a COFRAC-labeled metrology laboratory, which will allow Newsteo to improve its quality approach by regularly checking the proper operation of the sensors. A development which was funded by a crowdlending campaign.

As for projects, Newsteo is finalizing Smart Pesée, an innovation co-developed with Lafarge. « Our connected sensors will make it possible to carry out vehicle weighing adapted to concrete mixer trucks. First, by making sure that the vehicle respects the maximum load on the road. But also by detecting a possible fouling of the mixer, as it may contain fixed concrete. This makes it possible to set up a preventive maintenance strategy on the whole fleet « .

A nice innovation that earned Newsteo to be rewarded recently at the MtoM-Objets tradeshow in Paris. And that could also make it noticeable at Sido, the influential Internet of Things Lyon tradeshow that the company is attending this week.

[Version française: Exigence qualité pour l’IoT de Newsteo ]

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