Created by the Marseille start-up Caléa, the Mood Messenger application quickly became a reference in instant messaging. The reasons for its success? His emojis of a new genre stemming from predictive writing as well as a real capacity to innovate as well from the technical point of view as from the business Model

It is by seeing his daughters communicate through emojis that Said Hadjiat had the idea to develop Mood Messenger. For this former video game producer, traditional messaging is not very ergonomic, the user wastes time finding the right emojis and must leave the conversation to look for information on the Net or a video that is sometimes too heavy to send. Working in collaboration with Olivier Lhermitte, also from the world of video games, the entrepreneur creates a more attractive and intuitive messaging system

For quick access to emojis it uses predictive writing that proposes a relevant emoji according to the word used. The animation of the emojis is done by the same types of engines used on the PlayStation 2 game console. The application also includes a multitude of features including a customizable interface, voice messages with special filters (robot, helium, and more) or the Quick Reply which allows you to answer an SMS without having to open the app… If Mood Messenger can offer all these applications in 15 MB, it is thanks to its compression algorithm which fits with all operators

No Need to Negotiate Contracts

Mood Messenger monetizes its services with its emojis and APIs (Application Programming Interface). When a user writes an SMS, emojis of different brands appears. Typing the word « burger » generates several emojis including an hamburger bearing the Mac Donald logo. If the user chooses to click on this emoji, he will be able to access information such as the nearest restaurant, promotional offers, or he could launch the brand application

The API allow several services to access the application: cinema, weather, beach quality, accommodation… Their management involves a database that Mood Messenger adapts according to the location of its users who are spread over 190 countries and speak 33 languages. Similarly, users looking for a movie screening will be offered the Allociné application in France and IMDb (Internet Movie Database) in the USA.

Mood Messenger rewards itself through a commission automatically triggered with the click and sharing of brand emojis, and a paid back percentage when goods and services are purchased with its API: « it is an advantageous business model, because there is no need to negotiate contracts ».

A Google Alternative for Mobile Operators

Always in search of improvements and adaptations, Saïd Hadjiat works on moving Mood Messenger from SMS to RCS (Rich Communication Service). Promoted by Google, RCS is an SMS improvement which makes it possible to share images, texts, videos more easily… Without size limit. “Google masters the RCS technology but requires to use Android Messages; we are working on making Mood Messenger compatible with the RCS, independently from Google, in order to offer an alternative to the mobile operators. »

[Version française: Mood Messenger, la messagerie innovante et intuitive par Caléa]

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