An innovative company based in Aix-en-Provence, Techno Bam has developed the Qista terminal, an intelligent mosquito trap that allows you to capture them in large quantities, without impacting the environment and humans.

At the origin of Qista, Pierre Bellagambi and Simon Lillamand, two curious young entrepreneurs who are interested in scientific publications, particularly that of Brigitte Poulin, head of the ecosystem department at the Tour du Valat Research Centre, which is dedicated to the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands. His article on mosquito control in wetlands highlights the collateral damage to wildlife caused by the use of the larvicide BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis). While it is effective on mosquito larvae, it affects other harmless insects needed for the food chain of animal species that reside in wetlands.

Eager to find an alternative, the two partners embarked on the construction of a mosquito bollard that they wanted without impacting the environment and humans. With the support of the Tour du Valat research center and the Camargue Regional Natural Park, the two engineers created the Qista mosquito bollard.

Attract mosquitoes naturally by simulating human respiration

Using carbon dioxide and olfactory lures, the Qista bollard attracts mosquitoes by simulating human breathing over a range of 60 meters. The CO2 used comes from farms in cereal storage factories, but also from bottled fermentation. The olfactory lure is designed to reproduce the scent emitted by a warm-blooded prey.
Patented, the Starter Kit BAM Evo 2+ mosquito bollard consists of a metal chimney called a « cap » that diffuses carbon dioxide and olfactory lure. Inside the bollard, a CO2 bottle, a suction fan and a net to collect the captured mosquitoes. The programming box integrated in the terminal allows you to set the terminal’s operating time slots.
It is at the Technopole de l’Arbois in their manufacturing workshop that the Qista terminals are designed for a clientele composed of individuals and professionals. Local authorities such as Marseille, Reunion Island or Mayotte also solicits the start-up.

The Smart BAM, the Connected Mosquito Bollard

The Smart BAM is a geolocatable and autonomous mosquito bollard with its solar panels located at the base of its mast. Equipped with sensors, it collects information in real time such as: mosquito counts, weather data and pollution. Information that is then forwarded to health and environmental authorities for analysis.

Multi-Awarded Technical Performance

Pierre Bellagambi and Simon Lillamand have seen their work rewarded both in France and abroad: Laureat of the Med’Innovant 2017 Euromediterranean Prize, but also of the prestigious CES 2018 in Las Vegas where they won two awards in the categories « Tech For A Better World » and « Smart Cities » for SMART-BAM. A recognition that opens the doors of the international market to them with advantages.